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you will receive within one business day for a no-obligation assessment and ggfl. A tender for the purchase of Siemens Simovert components.

We buy among other things:

  • Cole Parmer  EW-12911, EW-13042, EW-01283, EW-12910, EW-14575, EW-03720, EW-03721, EW-44261
  • Huber Minichiller, Unichiller, RotaCool, TC, DC, Unistate
  • Jeio Tech HX, HL, HS, HH, RC, CLG, FDG, FCC, FMG, FHG, BSR, BSF, PSR
  • Julabo FL, FC, Cooler, FT
  • PolyScience Benchtop Chillers, 6000 Series Chillers, DuraChill Chillers, Non-Refrigerated Coolers
  • PolyScience Low Temperature Coolers Immersion Probe Style, Flow Through Style
  • SP SCIENTIFIC RS, Maxi Cool, UItra Cool, Ultra Low, HistoChill, AirJet XE, Bio-Cool, CharpyCool, ThermoJet ES, Titan Trap, Multi-Cool, Vapor Trap, XR
  • Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTerm
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